Ted Heathorn



Ted Heathorn is co-founder of Aspire Builders and heads corporate operations, business development, and project design review. The Heathorn family has successfully operated construction companies for three generations. Ted graduated from Purdue University in 1987 with a degree in Construction Engineering and Management. He worked for one of the top 10 national construction firms before returning to the family business. Now Ted uses the skills and experience he attained building sophisticated commercial and public projects to build high-end homes for owners who expect their home to be built  

to a higher standard than simply an expensive production home. Ted believes that high-end homes deserve to be built with the processes, materials, and skilled craftsmanship as commercial projects. Ted employs a respect for his client's hard earned money to bring their vision to reality. Ted utilizes his talents in innovation, creativity, knowledge, and management to produce premium results without premium costs.

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Direct: 925-594-6111

What we build ends up building us 
                                     -Jim Rohm

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